WP 5: Social, economic and governance influences on recovery plan effectiveness

Description of work

The implementation of any fisheries management plan is dependent on the cooperation all stakeholders who have the ability to either influence the content of the plan, the way the plan is interpreted by the responsible authorities, or to undermine the plan through refusal to cooperate. Recovery plans are particularly vulnerable to these basic problems with legitimacy and compliance. Recovery plans are addressing an already stressed industry where participants are under a great deal of pressure to continue to support their communities and households from a severely depleted resource base. Recovery plans also have to address the “how much recovery problem???, i.e., when has the resource base recovered enough to allow fishing to once again increase. Experience from around the world has taught us that this can be a much more severe political problem than implementing the original recovery plan.
This work package evaluates the social and economic dimensions of recovery plans through desk research, stakeholder interviews, bio-economic model building, and social impact assessments. WP 5 consists of four, inter-related tasks.

Task 5.1: Review of existing recovery plans

A world-wide review of existing recovery plans will be undertaken.  The recovery plans will be assessed in terms of their environmental, biological, social and economic outcomes. A draft review paper will be compiled based on this assessment. This paper will be finalized in Task 2.

Task 5.2: Identifying Successful recovery strategies

The central activity for identifying recovery strategies that have been successful will be a small international workshop.  Fisheries scholars from a variety of disciplines who have been involved in or have studied existing fishery recovery plans will be invited. The group will include both 7-10 Europeans familiar with European recovery plans and 5 non-European participants familiar with recovery plans in fisheries similar to those in European waters.  Participants will critically appraise the draft review paper and make assignments for finalizing the paper.  The review paper and additional information will be published in an international fisheries journal and the information passed on to WP 6. 

Task 5.3: Exploring the role of stakeholder participation in recovery plans

A series of ten to fifteen in-depth interviews will be carried out with stakeholders on the subject of the role of stakeholder participation in creating recovery plans. The interviews will be based, in part, upon the information gained  regarding stakeholder interactions generated by the review of existing recovery plans.  Of particular interest in this case will be the role of the Regional Advisory Councils. The interviews will be analysed using textual analysis software and the main issues and themes and reported to WP 6. 

Task 5.4: The Social and Economic Impacts of Recovery Plans and their Implications

Task 5.4 examines the social and economic impacts of recovery plans from both a predictive and an empirical perspective. Read more about Task 5.4...

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