Task 4.2: Management evaluation tool application

The overall goal of this task is to apply the generic FEMS management evaluation tool to develop scenarios of the effects of potential rebuilding strategies for Level 1 questions. For each stock-recovery evaluation this task will be separated into the following activities:

  1. Preparation of input data (in collaboration with WP4.1) - data from specific sources that are outside the domain of the other WPs in UNCOVER will be assembled such as data from research vessel surveys, market sampling, effort statistics. Stochastic simulation techniques will be used to take account of any remaining uncertainties (parametric as well as structural).
  2. Choice of performance criteria and management objectives - performance criteria will comprise biological and ecological objectives as well as conventional reference points (e.g. Bpa, Blim, Fpa, Flim), the latter being necessary for the operation of 'harvest-control rules'.
  3. A base-case scenario - in order to judge whether or not a particular hypothesis or an alternative assumption about system functioning or management action has an impact on our expectations of stock recovery, it is necessary to establish a 'base-case' scenario. This 'base-case' might simply reflect the current status-quo situation, or the assumptions that characterize a current fish-stock assessment. Alternatively, a set of biological/ecological functions might be nominated as the 'base-case' against which all other variant models and their outputs are compared.
  4. Evaluation - simulation outputs will indicate whether or not recovery strategies are robust to different assumptions about biological/ecological processes or particular fishing practices. The perceived ability of a stock to recover will be compared to recovery under the status-quo 'base-case' scenario.
  5. Collation of FEMS output - insights from preliminary, model runs for generic Level 1 questions will be compiled in order to provide the basis for socio-economic consideration in WP5 and an evaluation in WP6. The technical information that pertains to the final model run will also be documented using the standard forms and included with the output.
  6. Update FEMS documentation - based on experience in UNCOVER, source-code emerging from and developed under the auspices of this WP will be uploaded to appropriate websites.

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