WP 5: Social, economic and governance influences on recovery plan effectiveness

Foto and Copyright©: Daniel Stepputtis, Rostock (Germany)


WP 5 provides WP 6 with the information needed to place the results of WPs 1-4 into the broader context of overall fisheries systems in order to translate these results into recommendations for effective recovery strategies reflecting realistic economic, political and social circumstances. This WP has four objectives:

  1. To provide a world-wide synthesis of existing recovery plans.
  2. To identify and evaluate successful recovery plans based upon a synthesis of expert opinions regarding case studies from within and outside the European fishing community.
  3. To evaluate the potential roles of stakeholders in the creation and implementation of recovery plans.    
  4. To use existing bio-economic modelling tools of fishery dynamics and social impact assessment (SIA) methods  to describe the expected reactions of the interested public to the options available in recovery plans.

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