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Welcome to the EU project UNCOVER

small cod; Foto and Copyright©: Daniel Stepputtis, Rostock (Germany)

Purpose and objectives

A number of commercially important fish stocks in Europe are at very low levels and some are in danger of collapse. UNCOVER is a scientific research project funded by the European Union that is trying to find the right strategies to recover these stocks.

The objectives of UNCOVER are:

  1. To identify various changes experienced during the decline of fish stocks in order to understand the prospects for their recovery.
  2. To enhance the scientific understanding of the mechanisms of fish stock recovery.
  3. To formulate recommendations for fisheries managers how to best implement stock recovery plans.

How UNCOVER will work

UNCOVER will begin by examining existing research relevant to develop recovery strategies. Changes experienced during a stock decline will be identified as well as key processes that might impact upon the potential for stock recovery. These results provide the basis for a series of models that can be used to develop and evaluate recovery strategies.

The models will combine biological, ecological and economic information so that all of these factors can be taken into account. These activities will lead to recommendations for rebuilding stocks and to the development of more effective alternatives to existing recovery plans, if severe unforeseen problems in achieving their goals have been identified.

Further information

Project Report (pdf, 5.3 MB)

Executive Summary (pdf, 2.2 MB)

Policy Implementation Plan (pdf, 0.3 MB)