WP 4: Evaluation of strategies for rebuilding

Foto and Copyright©: Christian v. Dorrien, Rostock (Germany)


Within WP 4 the objective is to identify what we need to know and what are appropriate actions when developing recovery plans, i.e. to determine the:

  • Value of information: since some processes will be more important than others and we need to identify and give priority to these rather than just collate previous work.
  • Value of control: what can we actually change through management action.

Specific objectives are therefore as follows:

  1. Identification and specification of recovery strategies to be evaluated within the Framework for the Evaluation of Management Strategies (FEMS), including identification of strategic questions, information needs and control options.
  2. Identification and synthesis of appropriate information (models and data) representing key processes affecting stock recovery into a form suitable for incorporation within FEMS (selected stocks only).
  3. To evaluate alternative management strategies and produce a suite of management strategy options for generic aspects of stock recovery in these selected stocks.

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