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Workpackages overview

UNCOVER is organised in 7 Workpackages (WP) focussing on four case study areas. WP 1, 2, and 3 deal with biological and ecological aspects of stock development, including environmental and fisheries influences. Their results feed into WP 4. This WP builds the model series to evaluate different recovery strategies that are sensitive to various stock, environmental and fisheries conditions. WP 5 deals with economic and social issues that are critical to the design and implementation of effective recovery plans. The task of WP 6 is to coordinate the close collaboration between the workpackages 1 through 5. Finally, the results will be summarised in a way that will be useful for fisheries managers and decision makers. WP 7 takes care of general project management, communicating results and making sure that activities within workpackages and case study areas match successfully.


  1. Environmental and fisheries impacts on stock structure and reproductive potential
  2. Impact of exogenous processes on recruitment dynamics
  3. Trophodynamic control of stock dynamics
  4. Evaluation of strategies for rebuilding
  5. Social, economic and governance influences on recovery plan effectiveness
  6. Project synthesis
  7. Project Management and Communication