1st Modelling Workshop - 20. Oct. 2006

The first Modelling Workshop of the project UNCOVER took place at AZTI Pasaia, San Sebastian (Spain), from 17-18 October 2006.

The workshop – milestone No. 6 – aims to specify the technical requirements for the FLR framework and to discuss the priorities for evaluation. Future modelling strategies and common goals within UNCOVER were defined. The FLR ("Fisheries library in R") is a collection of tools in the computer language R that facilitates the construction of bio-economic simulation models of fisheries and ecological systems. It has been chosen within UNCOVER as the main tool for the construction of simulation models for evaluation of fisheries management strategies.

Major aims of the workshop were:

  1.    Introduction to FLR
  2.    How to model UNCOVER base-case-scenarios
  3.    dentify extensions needed to answer WP and CS questions
  4.    Common format for exchange of data, functions and model outputs (i.e. coordinate between work packages and Case Studies)