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Case study areas

Foto and Copyright©: Dirk Schories

The recovery strategies developed in UNCOVER will be specific to particular areas, each with its own ecosystem, important fish species, and ways of fishing.  The four case study areas chosen represent ecosystems that vary significantly in structure and productivity due to differences in climatic influences, physical proper- ties, species composition and species interactions. They encompass a wide range of physiological and population limiting conditions and processes, are subject to differing harvesting intensity and strategy and represent a broad array of socio economic concerns:

Barents and Norwegian Seas

  • Arctic cod
  • Norwegian spring spawning herring
  • capelin

North Sea

  • Cod
  • Plaice
  • Autumn spawning herring

Baltic Sea

  • Sprat
  • Eastern Baltic cod

Bay of Biscay

  • Northern hake
  • Anchovy