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WP 6: Project synthesis


A key output from this synthesis WP will be biologically, ecologically, technically and socio-economically "realistic" strategies for achieving stock recovery. First, this WP focuses on strategies for selected Case Study specific stocks. In a second step, it provides specific guidelines for the generalized design, implementation and assessment of recovery plans based upon a synthesis of project products.


  1. To summarise and integrate the stock-specific key factors and processes emerging from WP1 (i.e., factors affecting growth, maturation, fecundity, genetic composition, distribution and habitat utilisation) and evaluate the implications of changes in these for stock recovery.
  2. To identify changes in the ecosystem that affect recruitment (e.g., hydrographic conditions, interactions between recruits) during periods of stock decline and recovery based on results from WP2
  3. To implement stock and recruitment models that incorporate the dynamics of both stock demographics and critical environmental agents (bottom-up and top-down controls) identified for Case Study specific fish stocks currently outside safe biological limits.
  4. To synthesise output from WP4 on the evaluation of strategies for rebuilding and the application of bio-economic modelling tools of fishery dynamics and social impact assessment methods conducted under WP5.

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