WP 3: Trophodynamic control of stock dynamics

young cod (Gadus morhua); Foto and Copyright©: Daniel Stepputtis, Rostock (Germany)

WP 3 will resolve the direct or indirect trophic control of stock recovery. Switches in magnitude and direction of trophic control of population dynamics and implications for stock recovery will be investigated in combination with fishing and environmental forcing, as the combination of all three processes change the entire food web structures and fluxes and thereby affect stock recovery potentials.


  1. To identify the physical and biological key processes that lead to historic changes in food webs and to understand how they force the occurrence of slow and/or sudden changes, including regime shifts.
  2. To quantify historical changes in food web fluxes and trends in stock sizes by application of improved deterministic and stochastic multi-species models.
  3. To estimate the impact of local high-intensity predation events on survival rates of early and juvenile life stages of recovery species, and develop and implement methods to parameterize these local processes in large scale multi-species models.
  4. To enhance the predictive capabilities of deterministic and stochastic ecosystem and multi-species assessment models by implementing verified process sub models.
  5. To predict the impact of trophic control, exerted by both direct and indirect predation under contrasting environmental and fishing regimes, on stock recovery paths.

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