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The conference will be opened in the morning of Tuesday Nov. 3rd with a keynote. All scientific sessions will be held in plenary with no parallel sessions, to encourage interaction among participants and different disciplines. Each session will open with a keynote address by invited keynote speakers. Posters will be on display for the duration of the Symposium, with a special poster session on Wednesday Nov. 4th. The symposium will conclude by mid-day Friday 6th November. This will include an inter-disciplinary panel discussion on lessons learned and a final wrap-up to provide conclusions.

You can download the complete program here and the abstract volume here (0.5 MB)


Symposium Keynote

Steven Murawski, NOAA Fisheries Service (USA)
"Rebuilding Depleted Fisheries: The Good, the Bad, and the Mostly Ugly"

Scientific Sessions

Fisheries and environmental impacts on stock structure, reproductive potential and recruitment dynamics

Keynote & Co-Chair: Toyomitsu Horii (Japan)
"Impacts of fisheries and regime shift on fluctuations of finfish and shellfish stocks in Japan"
Co-Chair: Tara Marshall (UK)

Trophic controls on stock recovery

Keynote & Co-Chair: Axel Temming (Germany)
"Recovering stocks of predators: what can managers learn from multi-species models?"
Co-Chair: Bjarte Bogstad (Norway)

Methods for analysing and modelling stock recovery

Keynote & Co-Chair: Ana M. Parma (Argentina)
"The design of a rebuilding strategy for Southern Bluefin Tuna: from theory to practice"
Co-Chair: Laurence Kell (UK)

Social and economic aspects of fisheries management and governance

Keynote & Co-Chair: Denis Bailly (France)
"Pathways for a Knowledge Based Governance in Fisheries"
Co-Chair: Douglas C. Wilson (Denmark)

Management & Recovery strategies

Keynote & Co-Chair: Joseph E. Powers (USA)
"Recovery strategies: science, enforcement and allocation"

Co-Chair: Fritz Köster (Denmark)