WP 7: Project management and communication

Description of work

The Project Management function will:

  • Establish and conduct hierarchical project organisation and decision making structures.
  • Ensure proper management of WPs and case studies and minimise conflicts between partners.
  • Monitor activities relative to the workplan/schedule and ensure that information flows in accordance with the project plan, both within WPs across case studies and among WPs.
  • Provide biannually progress reports to the Steering Committee and organise Committee meetings.
  • Liaise with public services or regional and national administrations to ensure the collection and distribution of results, intermediate and final reports.
  • Deliver timely progress reports and the final report to EU Commission and additional information on status and project findings requested from the DGfish.
  • Organise the contribution of the project to the Informal Cluster of FP6 projects.
  • Schedule and manage logistics for the kick off meeting, program meetings and the final workshop (in cooperation with WP 6).